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Here is your personal roadmap to success in your love life:

Fix what is holding you back, quickly
Have 100% confidence all the time
Learn exactly what women really want and need
Never get rejected and destroy the competition
Escalate smoothly every time
Have women wanting to talk to you everywhere
Never worry about her leaving or cheating
Get all your needs met including for intimacy
Find a great woman who actually inspires you
Feel blessed every day (like I do)


(or women)

If I did it anyone can.

When I met my wife, I wasn't rich. I had no car, and I earned minimum wage. 

I didn't have a six-pack either.

I was skinnyfat and with bad posture.

I also don't look like a model, there is a picture in the book.​

I think my wife is great, and I love her more than anything. 

She's very feminine, smells great, and has a lovely sweet voice.

She dresses modestly when we are out. 

She puts out whenever I want.

She also does all of the housework, and cooks three meals a day.


She homeschools our daughter, and looks after our baby boy.


She rarely drinks and doesn't like partying.


She doesn't really use social media.


She actually treats me with respect, like you would a teacher or doctor.


She really is everything I ever wanted in a woman. 

Honestly, having a woman in a loving relationship with you is the best thing in the world.


Every aspect of life, each experience is made better with the presence of a woman you love.


The amount of pure pleasure and joy that an awesome woman gives you is incomparable.


Love is the best thing about life. 

If you don't have that, you are seriously missing out, but I guess you know that already, because your body and soul tell you.


I am certain that you want a great woman, because every man does. 


I'm sure you read about how to pick up girls, about seduction, masculinity, about how to escalate, how to increase your attractiveness, and dating advice.


Most men do, I did.

I spent the best part of a decade fumbling around learning, and practicing escalation, attraction techniques, IOIs, push/pull, 'negs', frames, body language cues, social proof, eye contact, clothes, gym, self respect, confidence, and being charismatic.


(That's just about everything you can find elsewhere online, summarized in one sentence btw)

If you want help finding and keeping a great girl, then you really are in the best place possible.


This not your typical dating and relationship help.


Whatever you look like, or however much money you have, I will make you succeed.

Finally make sense of women and love.

Consistently and easily attract women who you find attractive.


Maximize your potential to give you the confidence to get the best quality woman possible.


Smoothly navigate any situation 


Never get rejected, ever again.​


Get all your needs met, including those for physical intimacy.


Prevent arguments and stress by meeting her needs.


Amplify joyful feelings like calm, satisfaction, gratitude, intimacy and pleasure, for her and you.


Make her addicted to you so that she will never even think about leaving or cheating.


Increase your motivation, fulfillment, and even health and wealth.


The dating help out there for men is truly awful. Here's all I honestly see: 

So-called 'PUAs' who only teach you tricks to attract women, then you are on your own.

Most of which are anonymous, and unaccountable.


None of which have any proof that their copy-pasted material even works.


Either that, or it's a young guy trying to fake it 'til he makes it filming himself making out with drunk girls.


Why would anyone take dating advice from someone who apparently doesn't have a succesful relationship?


It's like taking driving lessons from someone without a licence.


Mainstream, blue-pilled dating advice is even worse, check divorce rates.


Public school is literally a SIMP factory.


AI generated content just repeats the same 'woke' or generic PUA nonsense, and tries to sell you worthless, AI generated books relentlessly.


Then there are the rich guys, who probably pay for the girls to be there, saying that you can't get girls without money.


Of course, they can sell you the product which is going to make you rich.


Same with fitness guys, they'll say you need to be buff to get girls, and they will train you to get in shape.


Do you see anything better? I don't.


We are none of those things. I'm a real, regular guy like you who wasted all of his time filtering through the rubbish so you don't have to, and who really has a good woman to show for it. 


We are not trying to exploit you, we are trying to help you, and we actually know what we are talking about and can prove it.


We give away for free what other dating/seduction guys (bots?) charge for, just give us a follow on X/Twitter to save yourself an awful lot of money.

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